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Personal Safety Tips

Avoid carrying large amounts of cash. Pay for purchases with a check or credit card when possible; and if the credit card receipt has carbons, ask for these too. Notify issuers immediately if your credit card is lost, stolen, or misused.


Stun Master Hot Shot Stun Gun

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Stun Master Hot Shot Stun Gun, NEW improved version with 11 Million Volts

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Product Description

You can now pack close to a million volts of self protection on your hip. No one will even notice, because the STUN MASTER HOT SHOT, only 3 inches long, looks almost like a Blackberry or other hand held mobile device.

With a dazzling 11 million volts, it has the effect of a baseball bat, combined with the element of surprise. A short blast from this almost invisible personal and powerful protection device will give anyone silly enough to attack you an exclusive muscle massage that will leave them drooling.

This uniquely designed stun gun is equipped with a safety switch and an illuminated red light that tells you it’s ready to unleash pain on your attacker. Uses 3 Lithium CR123A batteries (included free), a $10.00 value. Comes with a free nylon holster with belt loop. Safety on/off switch. LIFETIME WARRANTY.


  • 11 Million Volts
  • Runs On Three  CR123A Batteries (Included)
  • 3 Inches Long


  • Bright Red Light Informs You When Your Stun Gun Is Ready
  • Small Form Factor Gives You The Element Of Surprise
  • FREE High Quality easy to use Nylon Holster ($10 Value)
  • FREE Batteries included
  • Rust proof Stainless Steel Belt Clip

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Additional Information

Weight 0.41 lbs
Dimensions 3 x 1.5 x 1.5 in

Family Safety Tips…

If you use your car at a drive-thru ATM machine the same rules apply. Keep the car in gear, with your foot firmly on the brake, while using the ATM machine. Keep a close eye on your rear and side view mirrors during the transaction. Robbers almost always approach from the rear on the drivers side. If you see anyone approaching, drive off even if it means leaving your ATM card behind. If you are confronted by an armed robber, just give up your money without argument. The cash is not worth serious injury or death. Get to a safe place and call the police immediately.

General Statistics

"In order to measure crime in a consistent manner, different sorts of crime need to be classified and separated into groups of similar or comparable offences. While most jurisdictions could probably agree about what constitutes a murder, what constitutes a homicide may be more problematic, while a crime against the person could vary widely. Legislation differences often means the ingredients of offences vary between jurisdictions."


Totally in love with my pink lip stick stun gun! I use public transportation to work and sometimes come back when it's already dark, especially in winter. I feel so much safer with my lipstick stun gun in the palm of my hand when I'm nervous. My boyfriend tried it out of course and was surprised at how powerful it is. Thanks guys! Lindsey, OR

Did You Know…

"Measures of crime include simple counts of offences, victimisations or apprehensions, as well as population-based crime rates. Counts are normally made over a year-long reporting period.'